State Employees Insurance (ESI) is administered and regulated by the State Employees Insurance Agency, which is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India. The ESI program was initiated for Indian workers which provided financial, medical and other benefits from the employer to the employees.

Currently any factor or profession or company employing more than 10 employees with a minimum salary of Rs 21,000 must register with ESIC.

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Who is eligible to obtain ESI registration in India?

To be eligible for ESI registration, you must have more than 10 employees. In some areas, registration with ESI is only possible for a company if there are more than 20 employees. Here are some other criteria that must be met to obtain ESI registration.

  • An employee whose gross salary is up to Rs. 21,000 per month can avail of this with the help of the employer.
  • The establishment is registered with the EPFO.
  • The total contribution to ESI is 6.5% of the gross salary and it can be further divided as:
    • 4.75% by the employer
    • 1.75% of the employee
  • For industrial units where there are chances of occurrence of injury or health issues all the employees with a salary less than Rs.21,000 compulsorily need to get ESI registration.

Documents required

For obtaining ESI registration in India here is the list of documents that is to be submitted by the employer along with the application:

  • Registration Certificate of the Shops and Establishment Acts.
  • Factories Act
  • Address proof of Principal place of business
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Bank statement (Latest)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or the partnership deed or trust deed depending on the nature of the entity.
  • Certificate of Commencement registration no

The monthly pay sheet is also required for computing the contribution amount for each employee for ESI filings.