FSSAI is the abbreviation used for Indian Food Safety and Food Safety Standards. An FSSAI license is required before starting a food business. These restrictions are enshrined in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. These measures are taken by the government to ensure that food products undergo certain quality controls, thus reducing the risk of adultery, substandard products, and increasing producer responsibility.

While much of the imported food continues to spoil in many ports across the country and the company violates Food Safety and Standards Board (FSSAI) guidelines banning packaged food shipments due to labeling problems, the government insists it cannot compromise on standards due to public health. “FSSAI’s approach is in line with the law. It is the job of regulators to ensure that companies selling food products in India – whether Indian or foreign – must comply with the law, “a health ministry official said. packaged food, he said. “How can a business import goods without accurate information?”

FSSAI – a regulatory body under the Ministry of Health that oversees imports of food products to ensure quality – has restricted many shipments of packaged food, on the grounds of stricter processing conditions. , came into effect in 2011.

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Biz Help is one of the leading licensing and registration service providers for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), located in Delhi, India. We provide advice for all FBO, manufacturing, processing, import, exchange, packaging, storage, transportation, warehousing, sale, repackaging, re -labeling, wholesale, retail, hotels, canteens, Dhaba, restaurants, clubs and complexes or any type food business in India. We believe in providing qualitative and customized services for every customer, regardless of its volume measurements. In the context of modern business and consulting needs, companies have developed expertise and resources to respond to professional services. We are a company with extensive knowledge of various aspects of the industry. We ensure customer privacy and complete data security. This allows us to gain the trust of our customers. We are a company that believes in adapting to the latest developments. Our company believes in protecting the interests of customers and providing them with reliable services.

All food units are involved in food exploitation activities.
Depending on the turnover and size of the company, the company must apply for a permit (registration, state or central). The criteria stated in the policy are as follows:
1. Annual turnover less than Rs 12 Lakh – FSSAI Registration.
2. Annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakh to 20 Crores – State license.
3. Annual turnover in excess of Rs 20 Crores – Central license.

° Complete Document
° Submit document
° Get FSSAI license

° Passport size Photograph of Applicant
° Copy of Electricity / Water bill (Business Place)
° Copy of Rent Agreement (if Rented )
° Copy of Aadhar Card/ Voter Id card/ DL / Passport etc. (of Proprietor/ Partner/ Director)

° Blue Print/ Layout Plan of company/firm
° List of Equipment and Installed machinery
° List of food category with quantity
° Water test report
° Photograph of unit